"The Church That Cares"

To God Be The Glory

        ​​GLBC Church Leader 2019

Ministers of Liberty: Rev. Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr., Pastor

 Rev. Tommie L. Banks, Assistant; Rev. Richard Burton, Minister Crystal Thomas,  Minister Diane Adams, Minister Shedderick Victoran, Minister Glenda Price, Minister DeJuan Carter, Rev. Silver King, Minister Patricia Veal & Minister Paula Cloud

Deacons Ministry: Bro. Harvey Banks, President

Bro. Joseph McDaniel, First Vice President; Bro. Marvin Ernest, Second President; Bro. Craig Anderson, Secretary; Bro. Melvin Beard, Assistant Secretary; Bro. Cory Lafayette, Corresponding Secretary; Bro. Clarence Mitchell, Chaplain; Assistant Chaplain, Bro. Darrly Betha, Bro. Andrew Johnson, Sergeant-at- Arms, and Bro Kevin Nellum, Asst. Sergeant-at- Arms. Members: Bro. George Dupree, Bro. Dennis Robertson, Bro. Albert Weathersby, Bro. Larry Black, and Bro. James Hill., and Bro. Stephen Black. 

Deaconess Ministry: Sis. Nancy McDaniels, President 

Sis. Julia Ramsey, First Vice President; Sis. Barbara Lyons, Second Vice President; Sis. Marilyn Cheatham, Secretary; Sis. Mary Victoran, Financial Secretary;  Sis. Barbara Lafayette, Caller & Scheduler; Sis. Patricia Jordan, Trainer & Teacher; Sis. Patricia Lewis, Chaplain. Members:  Sis. Vanessa Humphrey, Sis. Esther Lucas, Sis. Mary McMillian,  Sis. Millie Veal, and Sis. Delores Lewis. Training: Sis. Yvonne Richardson, Sis. Jackie Hawkins, and Sis.Tippens 


Pastor Calvin W. Woods, Jr., Ex-Officio                                         Sis. Mary Riddle,   President   

Bro. Brandon Parker, Vice President                                              Sis. Linda Merrick,  Secretary 

Sis. Nancy McDaniel, Financial Officer                                         Sis. Cassandra Robert, Financial Officer    Bro. Andrew Johnson, Logistics                                                     Bro. Harvey Banks, Property
Sis. Patrice Jefferson, Operations                                                    Bro. George Dupree, Transportation

Office Staff: Sis. Barbara Dupree, Church Secretary; Sis.Lynette Joseph, Assistant Church Secretary and Publications; Sis. Angela Parker, Church Treasurer; Bro Johnny Fisher, Janitor; Bro Lionel Cuneo & Melvin Beard, Van Drivers.

 Christian Education
Congress President, Rev. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.
Dean of Christian Education Leadership School/Director, Sis. Linda Merrick
Sunday School Superintendent, Sis. Linda Nixon
New Members Ministry, Minister Dianne Adams
Evangelism & Outreach, Rev. Tommie Banks & Minister Dejuan Carter

Family Life Outreach Ministry
Children’s Ministry, Sis. Kenya Robertson
Youth Ministry/Circle of the Chosen Ministry, Sis. Cynthia Washington
Youth President, Jade Robertson
Young Adult Ministry, Mrs. Donna Ernest, Director; 

Young Adult President, Brandon Parker
Mime Ministry, Ashley Black 

Liturgical Dance, Janay Morgan
         Couples Ministry, Dr.’s Dernado & Rochelle Dunham, Rev. Richard & Lorraine Burton                       
Senior Citizens Ministry, Sis. Doris Kimble  
College Ministry/Scholarship, Sis. Katie Rovaris

Missions Ministry
Home & Foreign Missions, Sis. Laverne Dunn
Women of Liberty, Sis. Constance Woods
Men of Liberty, Bro. Melvin Beard
Brotherhood/Laymen, Bro. Marvin Ernest & Harvey Banks
Health Ministry, Sis. Latanya Black & Joseph Saulsberry
Culinary Ministry, Sis. Mary Hinton & Patricia Kuykendall
Beautification Ministry, Sis. Deborah Banks
Touched By A Tutor, Greater Liberty Ministries & Friends

Ushers’ Ministry
Director, Sis. Loretta Cyrus
Senior Ushers Ministry, Bro. Donald Wharton, President
Men Ushers Ministry, Bro. Donald Jackson
Youth Ushers Ministry, Keishanda Hinton, President

Music Ministry
Director of Choirs & Musician, Bro. Randolph Thomas   
Mass Choir, Sis. Latanye Black, President
Male Chorus, Bro. Marvin Ernest, President
Youth & Children Choir, Jade Robertson, President

Ministry of Helps
Media Ministry, Bro. Marvin Ernest
Public Relations: Announcers & Greeters Guild, Dr. Adrian Woods

Church Historians, Sis. Lolita Cole


Annual Days Coordinators, Sis. Laverne Price
Pastor’s Appreciation, Sis. Linda Nixon
Church Anniversary, The Senior Citizens Ministry, Deacons, Deaconess and Trustees Day
Bro. Harvey Banks, Sis. Nancy McDaniel, & Mary Riddle 
Ushers Day, Sis. Loretta Cyrus
Christian Education Day, Sis. Linda Merrick
Choir Day, Bro. Randolph Thomas
Homecoming, Yolanda Black & Brandon Parker
Men’s Day/Mother’s Day, Bro. Melvin Beard
Women’s Day/Father’s Day, Sis. Constance Woods
Youth Day, Jade Robertson
12 Tribes Fellowship Day, Sis. Latonya Anderson & Bro. Samuel Cheatham, Assistant
Home & Foreign Mission Day, Sis. Lavern Dunn
The Ministering 66 Books of the Bible Ministry & Fundraising Project, Pastor, Leaders, & the Trustees

Greater Liberty Ministries & The Spirit of Liberty Economic Development 501(c)3 Organizations)

Rev. Calvin W. Woods, Jr. & Minister Paula Cloud